Classes and Pricing

Current Classes

Private Lessons

*60 minutes – $55

*90 minutes – $75

*4 class bundle $175

*12 class bundle $495

Small Group Lessons (2-5 people)

*Small group class package 5 classes for $75/person

*$25 for 2 people *$18/person for 3-5 people

Body Back Package $550

What’s included?

* One class taught during pregnancy which teaches how to start caring for oneself during the first six weeks postpartum through gentle breathing exercises and movement

*12 classes tailored for the individual to restore muscles of the core, pelvic floor, tone the entire body and relieve stress and anxiety. These classes take place in the comfort and privacy of your home – no need to worry about child care or getting somewhere on time with baby.

The Body Back program allows women to rebuild their core from the inside out. Upon completion of the program, you will be stable and strong, ready to get back to any fitness activity with confidence.