I have had the pleasure of practicing yoga with Michelle guiding me on several occasions. She is thoughtful, funny, and strong. If you get the chance to experience one of Michelle’s classes, I would urge you to go! Go! Go! 💜 It will be different than any other yoga class you have experienced!

Trine Bradshaw

Did a yoga class today with Michelle, and it was so amazing. Just the right amount of pushing me, and helping me get centered and healthier at the same time. Her calm, yet strong presence is incredible! 

Beth Griffith

I’ve taken several classes from Michelle, usually a mixed flow of vinyasa, cardio, and strength, a ‘power’ class. Michelle is strong and inspiring, and sets the level just right for us. I always enjoy her classes, and the workout.

Luther Johnson

Michelle is very knowledgeable in the core and all that entails and more. I really enjoy the classes I take with her, plus I love her voice!

Laura Tenney Carpenter

pelvic floor, postpartum yoga, incontinence, diastisis recti

I just began taking Michelle’s postpartum yoga class, and it’s wonderful! My third child is seven months old, and I was nervous about taking him with me to the class, but Michelle made it easy. In just the first class, I learned a lot about the pelvic floor and recovering from pregnancy. The class included breathing exercises, a gentle flow, and some deep stretches…it felt relaxing and soothing, so I was pleasantly surprised that I had some sore muscles the next day! I can’t wait to go back again next week! I highly, highly recommend this class for anyone who has gone through pregnancy.

Erin Madigan Mowad

Michelle is a really awesome teacher! Her instruction is thoughtful, gentle, and full of knowledge. I felt so comfortable in my practice with her. I’d recommend her with no hesitation!

Wendy Perry McFarland